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Home News Buy a pedicab for your best friend

Buy a pedicab for your best friend

What is a best friend? A bestie is someone who, though often out of sight, always has a heart together. Friends can not chat on WeChat for a month or two without greeting each other. A best friend is someone who, on the face of it, hates each other and CARES deeply about each other.

Don't always think that you will lose your love before you meet them. A best friend is a lover for life.

I also have such two best friends, from primary school play together until now, no matter how mature and steady I always act in front of them, I will always be a child.

In 12 days, one of my best friends will graduate. The three of us will go to her school to take graduation photos together next weekend.

But I can't go empty-handed. She likes a wheelbarrow too. She even got into the pit earlier than me.

This is one of the more representative works of the Japanese master kamada kaguya - a unicycle hamster.

In B site to see this kind of hands do before were drawn and kept on, thought originally can buy to send people, but is also quite tortuous, I searched for a long time on taobao has failed to find the similar hand to do, can only come on B stand released the hand do introduce people to help me get one, still badly have buy way or I don't know where to buy.

All the parts will hand to run after the assembly, cooperate on the base part, a total of about 25 cm, not big, small hamster appearance part is not a novelty, and serious with whimsy and lovely. It feels like a small trophy, delicate and small.

The base part is very interesting. The master designed it to have high feet. The effect is definitely better than the flat one. The complete display form of this work is matched with the base part of the wheelbarrow. The elegant color also has a certain pretend bility.

Although the size of a hamster unicycle is small, it is chic and elegant. I hope she will like it.