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Home News Impact unicycle is developing in China

Impact unicycle is developing in China

Impact unicycle movement in partial provinces and cities in our country middle and primary school campus has sadly arisen.It is relatively traditional sports, has the competitive characteristics of individual performance and more emphasis on group work and cooperate with each other, and coordinated.Through competition can fully experience the pressure of competition and the joy of success.Impact unicycle movement for rich juvenile amateur cultural life, cultivate their innovation, aggressive, excellent quality, enhance their challenge the limit and confidence to overcome difficulties with great benefits.

Approach to China's education reform is to change the traditional examination-oriented education to quality education, make teenagers in morality, intelligence and physique, us, fatigue and so on various aspects get all-round development.But with the deepening of the reform and opening up, the society all sorts of positive and negative factors in affecting the broad adolescent, electronic amusement machine, Internet cafes, dance halls and other entertainment leisure way quietly devouring their limited spare time.Impact unicycle movement appeared in the campus, for the majority of teenagers in a timely manner provides a health and positive way of entertainment fitness, as well as small and medium-sized school homework burden of extra-curricular activities to seek out a good way to go.

Impact unicycle movement although started late in our country, but developing rapidly, the development of only a few years time, has been approved as the national plan of the state sport general administration of sports competitions, but also become a recognized by social groups of large-scale celebrations performances.Impact unicycle has set up a file in the Chinese cultural and sports life become the sole light, striking a beautiful scene.

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