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Home SPARE PARTS Brakes, Handles Nimbus 'Shadow' Handle Set

Nimbus 'Shadow' Handle Set

  • Product code: 837
  • Brand: Nimbus
  • Weight: 1.291 Kg.
Price: 990 ¥ IN STOCK


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Product Description

The culmination of 2 years design, development and testing has produced the ultimate in touring handles.

The ‘Shadow’ handle is constructed to offer maximum versatility without any compromise in the performance. The low profile of the base allows even relatively small riders to take advantage of the handle. The base also by-passes the traditional 4 bolt seatpost fitting and utilises the front and rear handle bolts, so giving the saddle and handle an unparalleled rigidity and stiffness.

The ‘Shadow’ handle is supported on top of the latest generation super tough 25.4 BMX style pivotal seatpost. This allows for 4 x 6 degree adjustments via an integral high tensile bolt. The handle comes with 2 ‘T’ extensions as standard, one straight and one with a 30 degree bend. Both of these are 400mm long so allowing you to trim them to the length you require. Should you wish you also have an option to adjust their length via a clamp by up to 100mm (4”). 


These ‘T’ handles can be fitted either facing up, down or straight depending on your preference.

The 'Shadow' handle set comprises of:

Nimbus 'Shadow' Handle base
Nimbus 'Shadow' T-handle - bent
Nimbus 'Shadow' T-handle - Straight
Nimbus 'Shadow' Handle Clamp (x2)
Nimbus 'Shadow' Bar Ends (Pair)
Nimbus 'Pivotal' Seatpost 250mm - (25.4)

Weight: 1.291kg

Note: not supplied with saddle or brake
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